A microdonation, habit-tracking app encouraging generosity as a part of our everyday lives.

Concept for a purpose-driven habit tracking app that syncs your personal goals with the goals of nonprofits. As you progress in building “healthy habits” (e.g. running x amount of miles each day/week/month), you in turn contribute to a cause of your choice through microdonations. In creating these parallels, users experience technology as tool for both social impact and personal growth.

︎︎︎ Brand Strategy, Design Research, Identity Naming, Ideation, Prototyping 

Preliminary research began with gathering data and statistics on average smartphone usage, screen-time, apps being used, etc. In addition, qualitative research was conducted through a series of 30–45min in-person interviews surveying attitudes on digital well-being, volunteerism and charitableness.

Lastly, I researched and audited the current market landscape in search of precedents set by digital solutions addressing similar problems.

An independent study completed at UT Austin. Mentored by Assistant Professor of Practice at UT Austin School of Design & Creative Technologies, Jason Wilkins.

The project was presented in 2019 to students and faculty of UT Austin’s Bridging Disciplines Program, as well as faculty members of UT Austin’s Design & Creative Technologies Department.